Testimonials ForPriyanka Johri

Priyanka Helped Us Find Our Home Remotely

Priyanka was very helpful and went above and beyond to help us close the deal remotely. With a child on the way, a new job, and relocating to a new country, we were overwhelmed. I flew in once to meet her and she showed me homes for the whole weekend. Once she figured out our likes and dislikes, she was able to guide us remotely. We liked the pictures of one of the listings and wanted to make an offer but she told us we wouldn’t like it. She went there and did a video walk through of the whole house, and sent us a video. It felt as we were walking through the house ourselves. She was right. We would not have liked it. Finally, she sent us a listing that she thought would fit us. She hit the nail on the head! We made an offer without seeing the house as we trusted her judgment. She took care of inspection and appraisal. We showed up at the closing and when we went for the walk through, we were instantly in love with the house.