Testimonials ForPriyanka Johri

She Handled All Affairs Including Staging, Photography And Presentation of Our Home

I have moved nine times as a home owner. This does not include government moves within Italy, Germany or Turkey. There were real estate agents that would have done better as Wal-Mart greeters. However, we were informed from a relative that a very knowledgeable agent had consulted with them regarding their out of state move. After hearing their praise about Priyanka Johri, my wife and I felt we must confer with Priyanka regarding the sale of our home.

Not only the first conference, but the many that followed were very enjoyable, relaxing and comforting due to her knowledge of the real estate business. She handled all affairs regarding how our home was to be displayed, photographed interior rooms and exterior surroundings, personal presentation of our home to potential buyers and assisting in the processing of required real estate documentation.

We highly recommend Priyanka Johri.